Macedonian Constitutional Court suddenly decides to review legality of illegal Referendum


Macedonia’s Constitutional Court today, out of nowhere decided to review the legality of the very illegal Referendum.
To say that this information caught everyone by surprise is an understatement.

The Constitutional Court has over two dozens cases pending for over a year against the foreign installed Government junta, and they have not touched a single one of them. Some of the cases include the over the top Parliament Coup, the illegal installation of Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker, the multitude laws broken by SDSM to vote in their Government from the halls of Parliament with MPs raising both arms while allegedly counting themselves.
Last, but not least, the Macedonian World Congress opened a case questioning the legality of the upcoming referendum.

The Constitutional Court has not touched any of these cases. Today though, out of nowhere it decided to review the very last case it received (clearly they don’t work in chronological order, and don’t seem to follow their own rules).

This is surprising for many reasons, one is certainly the pressure the Court has faced from the US Ambassador and defacto Macedonia’s Prime Minister.
Now the question is whether the Constitutional Court has the courage to make the right decision and annul this highly illegal and unconstitutional referendum?

The Court will be reviewing this on Wednesday, September 19th. One can only imagine how many visits the Court will now receive from Baily’s representatives and how much cash is going to be offered…

  • Goran Stavreski

    If you look at the Constitutional judges… not 1 has a shred of any moral or ethical decency… why else where they quiet with 20 pending cases… not touching any of them…
    The way I see this, the Court is helping Zaev knowing the referendum will FAIL.
    Baily is doing math in the background… the Court works for Baily since day one. One of the judges’ sons works for Katica Janeva (WTF!)
    They can prove me wrong.

  • V.M.

    I too believe their sudden activation is absolutely orchestrated by outside.
    Whatever decision those traitors make will be to help Baily.

  • Wolf

    Sounds like the court has some one with half a brain. (Not really)
    Its called. ( SHOW ME THE MONEY) Tom Cruise said that. ( I think).
    But the court actually has a problem.
    They can take the money then later the higher order will just jail them!!
    1 for Embezzlement.
    2 simply for not doing their job properly. So easy. Neglecting a over 2 dozen cases for a year show no ethics to the court.
    So i say Take the money and..
    Good Luck.
    You might as well ask for a noose while your their.
    Open and review all the files on hold!!!!
    Then your showing the country your a real Judge.