Macedonian Criminal Judge being investigated by corrupt prosecutor


Criminal Court pre-trial judge Vesna Dimiskova is being questioned this morning by the prosecution of organized crime and corruption chief, Vilma Ruskoska, “to give necessary reports”, as confirmed by the prosecution to “360 Degrees”.

Unofficially, Dimiskova is being questioned after Orce Kamcev’s report that she too was involved in the racketeering scheme with former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13.

The names of Dimiskova and her brother Vase, a lawyer from Skopje, are mentioned in Orce Kamcev’s report on the racket in Ruskoska’s prosecution, Infomax said.

Kamcev reportedly told Ruskoska: Zoran Zaev, Jovce and Frosina Remenski, Radmila Sekerinska and Nikola Dimitrov are directly involved in “Racket”.

DPNE spokesman Dimce Arsovski also accused in August that judge Dimiskova played a major role in the racketeering case.

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    The country is a joke

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      It is a putrid cesspit of scum who have had their pockets filled by deranged Soros and other meddling turds from Deep State. Our poor country has been devestated by these bastards and we need flush them into the sewer where they need to be exterminated forever. Gospot da ne cuva!