Macedonian Diplomat arrested after helping escape & giving a passport to wanted Armenian criminal


The scandal with the Macedonian diplomat Mile Milenkovski arrested in Serbia at the request of Interpol has spread like a firestorm because an Armenian wanted for a crime was secretly evacuated from Armenia with the assistance provided by a Macedonian diplomat.

According to information from Yerevan, the criminal who is the brother of the former President of Armenia has been issued a Macedonian passport, which shows that it is possible that he is among 215 holders of a Macedonian passport from the affair opened by the opposition in May this year. The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski and SDSM president Zoran Zaev are said to have profited millions from the sale of Macedonian passports to criminals all over the world.

Adviser to the Prosecutor General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia, Gor Abrahamyan, in a telephone conversation with the Hetk agency, stated that the Macedonian diplomat was arrested as part of a crime related to the Armenian North-South road corridor.

“The diplomat from Macedonia assisted with the escape of an Armenian citizen turned Macedonian citizen, who is part of a crime related to the” North-South road corridor “, Abrahamyan told the Armenian agency.

Macedonian authorities many of whom are de facto criminals have been silent about the latest scandal revealed by both Armenian and Macedonian media.

If they want, the Macedonian services can quickly determine the identity of the evacuee and know exactly which Macedonian citizen it is or whose stolen identity it is.

For the time being, the public only knows about the identities of a small number of 215 criminals who, after Oliver Spasovski became a minister, received a Macedonian passport.

On multiple occasions, the Ministry of Interior “borrowed” the identities of Macedonian citizens who have not visited the country in years and gave those identities to criminals.