Macedonian Festival goes to hell, fikus Horhe Ivanov gives standing ovation to insanity


Did anyone in the audience had any idea just what was going on or understood the alleged message that the director wanted to send with the bizarre nudity that certainly shocked the guests sitting in front, among which were Macedonia’s fikus Horhe Ivanov, remains to be seen from the comments that will follow.


Actors and actresses completely naked, flapped their genitals around in front of a crowded hall that included many prominent guests. The scene looked like that of a low budget beginning of an erotic movie, a cheap striptease joint, and certainly not a world renowned festival (likely no longer), the 37. edition of the Film & Camera Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola.

Actors from Bitola and Prilep Theater participated in the performance, students from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as well as high school students from Bitola. The director was Martin Kochovski. The audience in the Cultural Center went into stunned silence when within minutes an actor appeared naked on the stage. His nakedness was not unique, as two actresses begun to strip down their clothes until there was nothing left.
And no, we don’t know what is happening in Macedonia (does anybody?), but whatever it is, it’s not good.


Apart from the overall rated R strangeness that some will call “theater” and “performance” which was broadcast live protectorate-wide on MTV, the opening was followed by speeches, as well as the awarding of the lifetime achievement award “Golden Camera 300”. This year’s highest award given to the festival was won by Australian Oscar winner and cinema artist John Seal. He received the prize personally from fikus Ivanov.

In the end, Ivanov appeared quite impressed with the display. Our favorite freemason rose to his feet and gave them a standing ovation.