Macedonian Football Federation Boss gets political, involved in nationalist gestures


The President of the Football Federation of Macedonia, Muamed Sejdini, joined the “flying eagles” of those present at the celebration of Shkendija’s fourth championship title.

Along with him, the owner of Shkendija, Lazim Destani, improvised an eagle flight with his hands, almost the entire team of the Tetovo “red-blacks”, their guests from Kosovo and the friends of the club.

The presence of the Macedonian Football Federation boss at a private club celebration contradicts the principle of its neutrality, moreover his political gestures, the flying of eagle is considered a symbol of the so-called Greater Albania is interfering in sports politics, something that FIFA and UEFA strictly forbid.

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In addition, almost the entire political leadership of DUI was at hand taking photos with the football players on the field at the official handover of the Champions Cup. The Cup itself was rasied by DUI’s boss Ali Ahmeti, and not the club owner or players, which made the whole show even more bizarre.