Macedonian Government quietly raises number of coronavirus patients to 67


Macedonia has just increased the number of patients who have the coronavirus to 67. MINA finds the numbers have skyrocketed thanks in most part to SDSM Director of the Clinic for Skin disease Dr. Caca Biljanovska.

In order to protect Dr. Biljanovska from prosecution the Health Ministry isn’t telling where is this sharp increase in patients with the coronavirus coming from or how they were infected.

Majority are contactees with Dr. Biljanovska. After coming from her trip in Italy where she got the virus, Caca attended weddings, kept going to work, even threatened other doctors who told her to get tested. To top it off, she hugged and kissed few dozen colleagues and relatives to celebrate March 8th!

The Health Minister, Venko Filipce continues with his amateur hour. While coffee shops and restaurants remained closed, public transit buses packed with passengers keep circling Macedonian cities. At the same time, the airport remained open, accepting flights from Italy, Germany and elsewhere. And yes, the Courts are working full steam – only one person can enter a bakery, but 50 people attend Court hearings! This is truly a remarkable level of stupidity by the Macedonian Government.

Filipce for his part, muttered that there will be at least 2,000 coronavirus patients in the country, at the time of the announcement there were 18! For now, no one is sure of the true number of coronavirus patients in the country, and you’re not going to find out from Venko Filipce.