Macedonian Government unaware new Head of Air Traffic Control was unqualified


People have wondered what happens when common thugs, bandits and goat herders get together to run a country. You get the SDSM and DUI who just a few hours ago selected and then an hour later fired their selection for the new boss of Air Traffic Control.

The Government only added to the confusion reigning in M-NAV, the key air traffic control service in Macedonia, which was rocked by scandals that culminated with an attack by DUI party thugs against “politically disobedient” air traffic controllers.

Under strong pressure from the public, the Government decided to remove two M-NAV managers – one of them, Fahrudin Hamidi, politically appointed by DUI, and the other, Ljube Stamenkovski, who sided with the protesters in the service. Since SDSM idiots have given this and every other institution to be managed by DUI, as part of the SDSM-DUI coalition agreement, the DUI-led Government immediately named two new directors, Ilir Mehmedi and Milan Korac, the first one nominated by DUI.

But soon after it became apparent (once again thanks to social media) that Mehmedi can’t be appointed as co-director since he is not an experienced air traffic controller – this is a requirement listed in the M-NAV statute, to ensure that the service is led by professionals. So an hour later, the Government was forced to revoke Mehmedi’s appointment, and name air traffic controller Hekuran Asani in his stead.

Asani will also be named head of the M-NAV management board. The institution now braces for an inspection by the financial police, to look into the numerous allegations of wrong-doing raised by the union of M-NAV air traffic controllers. They accused the director Hamidi of abuse of power, rigging procurement contracts and especially of skirting the strict rules for hiring. According to the union, Hamidi tried to hire DUI party activists who refused to take the mandatory knowledge exams. 

DUI flexed its control over every sphere in the country by summoning the head of the M-NAV union for questioning after he allegedly threatened Hamidi. As the union was preparing to respond with a protest, a group of DUI party thugs led by high level party official Bekim Neziri, who works in M-NAV, attacked several air traffic controllers while they were on duty, potentially endangering the flow of aircraft over Macedonia. The Skopje court refused to order them into detention pending trial, and one of the attacked controllers was detained instead, while he was apparently fleeing to Kosovo.