Macedonian Govt: Fraudulent Census numbers to be released in 6 months!?!


Today is the final day of the fraudulent, fabricated and ridiculous 2021 Census. A total of 1,760,194 persons, 546,080 households and 789,406 apartments were counted until this morning in Macedonia’s 2021 Population and Housing Census. 201,247 citizens who live abroad have submitted their applications online so far.

Extension of the Census has not been requested so far by the State Statistical Office (SSO), which, as government spokesman Dusko Arsovski pointed out on Wednesday, will have the final say.

The SSO has reported the census numbers on daily basis. However, the numbers they were manipulating with from day 1 were not to their liking thanks once again to the Macedonian population who decided to boycott this fraudulent census managed by the bandits in DUI and SDSM, while the application itself is hosted and run in Bulgaria!?

As a result, SSO’s Jasmina Gjorgjieva held a quick press conference earlier today where she announced the census numbers will be shared in… wait for it… 6 months! Then why report the census numbers daily up until this morning, the last day of the census?!

The SSO reported at 9am on September 30th that 1,760,194 people have been ‘registered’ into the system, with hours remaining to the official end of the census. Keep in mind the census was extended by 5 days by the quorum party DPNE.

As the census numbers came in this morning, hilarity ensued considering Macedonia has 1.86m registered voters!? Wrap your head around that! MINA’s own high placed sources within the Ministry of Interior have confirmed repeatedly that the number of Albanians in Macedonia has never exceeded 14.7%, a data readily available in the MOI system since every ethnic Albanian checks “Albanian” on their application when obtaining their IDs. In fact, due to massive emigration to Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, the MOI now says there are even less Albanians in the country, around 13.1%.

Macedonian Boycott

The SSO is very aware that over 250,000 Macedonians in Skopje, Bitola, Ohrid, Veles, Shtip… have boycotted the census, not to mention the Macedonians overseas. The reason why the SSO plays with numbers like 1.76m is due to the ridiculously fraudulent nature of the census. This is not even a census. In a real census, in the USA for instance, you are asked about your living arrangements (renting, owning), education, work, race, ethnicity. In Macedonia, the census is an exercise to keep the narco trafficking bandits from DUI in Government, and to keep the illegal and anti-constitutional dealings (language law, Ohrid agreement…) in place with the assistance from SDSM and DPNE. In Macedonia’s census, no one is asked to provide an ID and one who lives alone in a home can say and state just about anything, for instance that there are 10 people living there. This information is not checked, 10 ‘people’ would simply be added to their census app.

As an example, no relative of mine across Macedonia was registered in the census. None. While some did not open their doors and received those silly notes attached, other said no one came to visit them, but if they did, wouldn’t have opened their homes.

Why the 6 month wait?

Now the SDSM and DUI bandits aided by DPNE who thought the census will be successful and reported on it every single day are faced with a challenge. Macedonia has less people than registered voters which automatically means the census failed quite badly. The alternative is, out of 1.76m people ‘counted’ in the census of 2021 while having 1.86m registered voters and 2.18m people, 30% are under the age of 18. This means Macedonia has 400,000 ghost, nonexistent voters who are used to fix every election.

Both of these options are bad for the bandits in SDSM, DUI and DPNE. They need 6 months to tweak the numbers and come up with a way how to best lie to the public, while of course keeping DUI happy and in Government.