Macedonian Govt covering up vaccine crimes with news of seized expired butter


Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski informed the public yesterday that the Food and Veterinary Agency seized 4.5 tons of German produced butter that was past its expiration date. Everyone can breathe easier now…

Nikolovski is a Zaev loyalist tasked with fighting high level corruption after the Government junta provoked a rare international scrutiny for its huge list of corruption scandals which occur on daily basis.

Protection of our citizens comes first. I call for a full investigation and accountability!, Nikolovski said in a social media message to major laughter and mockery from the public.

The absurd announcement comes at a time of major corruption scandals – one of them involving the vital procurement of coronavirus vaccines. “Seize some bread and lettuce and lets make a sandwich”, social media users joked about Nikolovski’s announcement.

Nikolovski began his latest fake anti-corruption push, prompted by an exceptionally bad Transparency International report on Macedonia, by announcing that a minor local official was removed from office in Bitola. This was followed by the spectacular escape of former security chief Saso Mijalkov, which was more than likely coordinated with the Zaev junta and the revelation that China will not deliver vaccines to Macedonia after Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce tried to insert a shell company from American Samoa into the deal in an effort to earn himself millions of euros.