Macedonian Govt: If you aren’t a terrorist, you need a fake diploma to work for us


The Macedonian Government has been superb in hiring terrorists in its ranks. As it turns out, Zaev’s criminal junta has two prerequisites for getting into Government. If you think it’s education and high ethical/moral values, well then you must be thinking of a normal nation like Norway or Finland.

In Macedonia, it works a little bit differently. If you haven’t tortured civilians clearly your chances of becoming a Minister have significantly decreased, unless you have an ace up your sleeve and are in possession of a fake diploma.

After DUI’s Minister of Education Arben Ademi was caught with a fake diploma, now SDSM VP Muhamed Zekiri is in the same boat. Zekiri’s diploma in journalism is obtained by none other than the infamous DUI run Tetovo University. The SDSM VP obtained his diploma at the same year Tetovo University was founded, in 1994. The school opened its doors, and Zekiri got a diploma.


Gjorgji Ilievski, the educational inspector who uncovered over a dozen fake diplomas among DUI and SDSM officials was quickly demoted from his position.

So if you’re in a need of a Government position, have a fake diploma or have tortured civilians, Zaev is hiring.