Macedonian Govt: You can’t get a vaccine home & won’t let you get one in Serbia


This afternoon, the police called all the citizens who obtained movement permit during Covid-19 measures this morning and who wanted to go to Serbia this weekend for vaccination, to inform them that their permit would not be valid, “A1On” reported.

Until noon today, the Ministry of Interior issued movement permits, given that many Macedonian citizens have vaccination appointments in Belgrade for the weekend. It is impossible for them to arrive on time in Belgrade if they do not leave the country during the curfew, ie in the period from 10 pm to 5 am.

My vaccination is scheduled for 8 am. It is impossible to get to Belgrade if I leave after five in the morning. Does the Government want to restrict our right to a vaccine, even with a proper appointment?, people react on the social networks.

However, this Government decision will probably not change the mind of the citizens to go to Serbia, given that the Serbian health authorities informed that the vaccination appointment can be moved so that people who don’t have an appointment at all can be vaccinated, so hence it does not matter in what part of the day they will arrive in Serbia.