Macedonian hackers: The SEC by way of Duna Dooel willfully gave access to “someone” to manipulate their election data


Macedonian state prosecutors this morning entered the SEC to obtain documents of the now illegal contract where the SEC just a week prior to the elections without a public procurement bid, gave the contract to an unknown company named “Duna” to manage and maintain the SEC website and its database of election results.

SEC’s chairman Oliver Derkovski gave the contract to Duna despite knowing that the company is owned by the wife of prominent SDSM president Branko Crvenkovski! To say that this is absolutely crazy would be an understatement of the century. The SEC criteria for any company to bid and receive such a contract was it needed to have at least three successful implementations of elections software and multitude of other requirements which Duna had zero chance of meeting. These SEC requirements were somehow removed and Duna got the contract – a week before elections. To say that SEC’s Oliver Derkovski is involved in the election fraud would also be an understatement of the century.

On top of it all, Macedonian hackers joined the latest news stating between words that Duna had allowed access to the SEC results to a “third party” and that the SEC website was never hacked.