Macedonian judges like prostitutes, you can buy them for $50


Swarovski pendants and crystals not costing more than $50 and promises for glorious future that includes summer vacations to America’s armpit (Florida) is enough for judge Liljana Ivanovska – Shopova to repeatedly break the law in order to satisfy requests from the US Embassy.

Denesen reports that judge Ivanovska-Shopova did not allow defendants to have a say during Court proceedings, instead in each case allowed only the SPO’s prosecution team to speak. This is illegal as the judge is not allowing the defendants to defend themselves from the dubious charges filed against them.

Ivanovska-Shopova as a Court president allowed conversations illegally acquired and edited by the CIA to be used in building a case against Gruevski, even though the law strongly forbids such things.

Ivanovska-Shopova is releasing from jail proven terrorists, but approved the jailing of actor Vlado Janevski, opera singer Igor Durlovski and 140 other individuals simply for expressing support for their country.


  • LXV

    Now there’s an ugly human being, and I don’t mean her looks… which, by the way, would improve significantly by the help of some lenghty rope and a lamp post.

  • V.M.

    As soon as I spotted her photo, I felt her evilness, so f-ing spooky. Look at that creature… if you ever wondered how evil do you have to be to jail actors, and ordinary citizens for supporting Macedonia, well look at this creature who goes by Liljana Ivanovska – Shopova

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Only the real VMRO can end all this.