Macedonian junta hides latest poll showing public will boycott referendum


A nationwide poll commissioned by the Government in July showed only 31 percent said they would go out and vote, which is 562,000 out of 1,814,600 registered voters. The majority responded they will boycott the referendum.

In Bitola, at the municipal level, only 22% of the respondents said they would go to a referendum (18,000 out of 83,000 registered voters).

Zaev’s junta is quite far from the 907,001 votes needed for a referendum to be considered legitimate.
The poll numbers were never made public for obvious reasons, the junta can’t show any sort of evidence pointing to the fact people will not vote, instead massive fraud is underway.

The referendum will be similar to the local elections. The SDSM had no chance in the polls, but it magically won 99% of the cities!?

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