Macedonian junta keeps two dozen ambassadorial posts empty


For months, the criminal Macedonian Government has kept 25 ambassadorial posts unfilled cementing its status for a banana state.

Posts in Washington, Brussels, Rome, Copenhagen, the Hague are just some of the strategic cities without a Macedonian Ambassador.

MINA finds, the main reason for this is the bickering within the junta, namely the failure between the SDS and DUI to agree whether to send one of their own, or an actual career diplomat. Both the SDS and DUI apparently agreed to send one of their own (why start being professional near the end of the mandate), however, the bottleneck was whether it should be from SDS or within DUI’s ranks.

MINA finds Tetovo’s mayor Teuta Arifi known for ruining Macedonia’s 4th largest city was the main contender for the job in Washington.

The issue for both the SDS and DUI at the moment is both parties have made too many personal and party promises to a selective group of individuals thus the 25 empty posts around the world.