Macedonian Legal expert: One of two clauses in fake agreement with Athens is broken


Macedonian legal expert and International Law University professor Toni Deskoski who was part of the legal team that defeated Greece at the International Criminal Court (ICJ) in Hague, has sent a stern warning to the Government junta that the so called agreement with Greece is already broken.

“Now that we have a failed referendum, I feel the need to point out a provision of the so called Prespa Accord, which can significantly affect future actions.

Namely, in Art. 2, paragraph 4, item b, indent ii (second, third and fourth sentence), it is explicitly stipulated that the support of Greece for our membership in NATO is conditioned by the fulfillment of two cumulative conditions:

-Firstly, the outcome of the referendum (which must be consistent with the Agreement) and secondly, the adoption of the Constitutional Amendments (four in number) – which were prepared by the Greek Government.

This means that without fulfilling any of the two conditions, Greece is not be obliged to support us for NATO membership. This means, in other words, that even if Athens ratifies the Prespa Accord in their parliament, we will be at their mercy or discretion, whether they will let us in NATO.” writes Deskoski in his FB profile.

Meanwhile, the first phone call Zaev received after the Referendum debacle was from Greece’s PM Tsipras who congratulated the SDSM leader on his unwavering courage to do what he does and to continue his fight in Parliament, and change the name there.