Macedonian Ministry of Health pushes Fake Measles epidemic in order to spend millions on vaccines


Spokeswoman for the ministry of health explained to the public earlier today that we have nothing to worry concerning a fake epidemic pushed by Minister Venko Filipche after only four (not six) cases of measles pox were confirmed in Skopje. All vaccines in Macedonia are good overall, apparently have been tested on the spokeswoman, and she looks good.

As it turns out, Filipche has put out a vaccine procurement deal worth 10.7m euros on December 21st, despite the country already having a surplus of vaccines. Since the 21st, the Minister needed some sort of incident/panic to make his business deal with GSK and the Panovski family public.

GSK has made a name for itself recently…

There is absolutely an epidemic in Macedonia, an epidemic of traitors.

  • V.M.

    Is this woman for real… at first I laughed but, dear God, someone help that woman… and she is the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health? They found the sickest woman in the country to be spkeswoman for Health?
    Btw MINA, your clever and sometimes black humor really makes my day… but dear God this lady the more I look at her, the sadder I get…

  • Goran Stavreski

    Yep, the spokeswoman pretty much describes our Health Ministry.