Macedonian MoD: It is a military secret that our Prime Minister is mentally incapacitated


Just when you thought it can’t get more insane in Macedonia… here comes Wednesday. Macedonia’s MoD has vowed to press charges against DPNE MP Kovacki for “releasing a state secret” visavi Kovacevski’s mental health. According to the SDSM run Ministry, PM Kovacevski’s mental health was a “military” secret and the information shouldn’t have been released to the public. No one is sure how is this a ‘military’ secret when the man has never even served in the military?

It doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure out Kovacevski’s mental health, just watch him utter a sentence and you can put two and two together. He is continually being mocked by Balkan leaders as they too know who they are dealing with. Just like Zaev’s massive mental deficiencies, he was replaced by Kovacevski, who was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as “permanently mentally incapacitated” back in 2001.

PM Kovachevski, after being silent for two days, stated that “it’s not good when the opposition abuses someone over his health”. <– The man simply admits his condition.

In a remotely normal country, at least four institutions would intervene and remove PM Kovachevski from his position. And this is all you need to know about Macedonia.