Macedonian Parliament as it stands


SDSM & DUI: 59 MPs

Opposition: 60 MPs

Kidnapped MPs: 1

MINA was able to find that BESA MP is actually being kept at DUI’s HQ in Mala Rechica! Talk about 15th century lunacy! DUI and SDSM at this point will do absolutely a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to remain in power. However, being naturally stupid, both the SDSM and DUI cannot govern because they now have only 59 MPs in Parliament!

As MINA has reported on several occasions, it is DUI who is the most impacted by the fall of the Government because not just that they lost most of their mayoral posts, but stand to lose 106 positions of Directors at Public organizations, 206 executives sitting on board of directors (ex: Shkodrane Darlishta), 6 Ministers, 311 Government contracts … this is what the battle is for!