Macedonian Parliament ratifies NATO accession protocol


The Macedonian Parliament voted with 114 votes in favor to ratify the NATO accession protocol. Members of Parliament and high level guests were gathered for the ratification, that was approved by all political parties. Macedonia went ahead and ratified the protocol without waiting on Spain, which is the last NATO member state that still hasn’t done so.

NATO representatives, members of the diplomatic corps and opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski are in attendance as the protocol is about to be put to the floor.

The ratification interrupted the tense debate over the proposed PPO law on state prosecutors, which the Zaev regime hopes will solidify its control over the judiciary. Both were expected to be adopted before the Parliament dissolves to make way for the early elections. It is expected it will dissolve tomorrow, although Zaev’s insistence that the PPO law is adopted by this Parliament may lead to attempts to postpone the dissolution.