Macedonian Parliament turns into a ZOO


Prime Minister and all around criminal Zaev Al-Bagdadi has appointed over 14 individuals with criminal records, out of which 10 have served jail sentences. Majority of these were appointed in high level positions, including chief of cabinet, directors, deputy ministers and advisors.

Arta Tochi, a lady from Ziadin Sela’s Alliance for Albanians was selected as the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. She publicly states that western Macedonia needs to be taken by Albania, and calls her country fyrom!
So you have a well known quisling Nikola Dimitrov as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a complete nutcase in Arta Tochi as his deputy. Only good things can come from this…

The MPs in VMRO-DPMNE wanted to disrupt the vote in Parliament for the likes of Arta Tochi by banging on their tables like school children. But not before UCK’s Xhaferi disrupted the wishes of the opposition to say a word or two by banning everyone from speaking. It’s a new kind of democracy.

The vote proceeded and passed with 63 votes.

  • Palo Alto

    This is hilarious! I’m sorry but I’m done getting angry! Lets just let them tired out and we will remove them easier later!

    • Goran Stavreski

      I was thinking the same thing. Zaev has brought in half of the jail population in Government. So, things are already coming off the rails and he’s been on the job for few days. Oh, and tonight there is a massive fire in Struga that apparently will put itself out.

      • LXV

        I say burn it all down! To paraphrase Salman Rushdie, in order to build a new house, one has to tear down the old one first…

      • Palo Alto

        Let them chase their own tail!