Macedonian Private Hospitals: Health Ministry manipulates with coronavirus numbers


One of Macedonia’s better private clinics Sistina (which far surpasses the Macedonian State clinics in quality and services offered) has reported 54 new coronavirus cases today out of the 350 that were tested.

Proven liar and manipulator Venko Filipce, who happens to be Macedonia’s Health Minister has disputed the tests of private clinics like Sistina and Filip II not because the true number of coronavirus cases is at least four-fold of what is being reported (354) by Filipce, but because the private clinics offer the same coronavirus test for 25 euros, while Filipce’s State Clinic offers it for 95 euros.

Filipce’s problem is essentially that most Macedonians chose to do their test at better, safer and cheaper clinics.

Filipce, for his part, has tried to badmouth his private competition and has urged people to get their tests for 95 euros, not for 25. In addition, hundreds of positive coronavirus tests are not counted towards the alleged official count of the Macedonian Health Ministry which today stood at 354.

Sistina’s spokesman, struggling to be as professional as possible stated the views of Health Minister Venko Filipce to be quite awful and foolish in time of crisis.

How do tests at the State Clinic work? Filipce for two patients has claimed they tested positive, then negative, then positive, then negative in the same day…