Macedonian Prosecutors confirm country is a protectorate, banana state at best


Macedonia’s top prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska is pleading with the US and EU Embassies to put pressure on the Macedonian Government. Ruskoska says “we need to know for once who is the criminal, and who is fighting against crime”.

Ruskoska herself has been involved in several scandals, the latest being a recorded conversation of her admitting she had purposefully forgotten an individual in prison, thus prolonging his sentence by two additional months. Welcome to Macedonia!

MINA finds, the recorded conversation of prosecutor Ruskoska was leaked by DUI, after she targeted the Director of Financial Police Arafat Muaremi. Muaremi himself is embroiled in numerous scandals and racket schemes. In addition, DUI has recorded conversations of literally every SDSM official and if they don’t toe the line, these conversations are released to the public, as it happened to Ruskoska.