Macedonian public wants British diplomat kicked out of country, Russian returned


There is no evidence that Russia poisoned the Skripals, in fact the British hoax is crumbling with lightning speed, particularly after the UK Chem Lab at Porton Down stated they don’t know where the chem agent was made, despite prior statements by the UK Foreign Ministry that it was “highly likely” it was Russia.

In an absurd and very vassal like behavior two dozen nations expelled Russian diplomats despite the UK presenting zero evidence in the case. Macedonia was, of course, one of these vassal states.

After the latest admission by the UK, the Macedonian public wants a British diplomat kicked out of the country. It’s only fitting and logical response to the hoax perpetrated by official London. They are also asking for the return of the Russian diplomat.

  • Jole

    Throw the anglo lyme and the merican prick baily out because these two are the cause of, not just Macedonia’s cause of problems but the world. How stupid do they think people are, it’s Iraq all over again. I’m for bringing back our Orthodox brother the Russian ambassador.