Macedonian railways in coma – no passengers


Railway traffic is going through the worst years of its existence. One can’t remember when the railways in Macedonia were in such a bad condition. Unfortunately, we are on the verge of complete shutdown of railway traffic, and thus Macedonia to become the only country in Europe without railway traffic, said MP Bojan Stojanoski on Wednesday.

3 years ago, with the cancellation of the only international railway line Solun-Skopje-Belgrade, we became an international railway isolated country, and now with the cancellation of the internal railway lines to Kicevo and Kocani, a domestic shutdown of this transport is announced. The railways in Macedonia are in an artificial coma. There is no construction of new railways, no overhauls of existing railways, no procurement of new trains and new locomotives, he said.

Stojanoski emphasizes that on the other hand, while the railway employees are rightly reacting and waiting for their salary for the month of June, constantly calls are issued for new employments by SDSM & DUI.

There is no money for employees’ salaries, but there is money for hiring new party activists. There is no money for the construction of railways and the purchase of new trains, but there is money for the purchase of super luxury limousines for the directors. 

It is obvious that this Government led by SDSM has neither the will nor the capacity to deal with the challenges of the railway system in our country, he added.