Macedonian and Serb tourists terrorized by Greek police


Macedonians are used to having their vehicles vandalized across Greece, but the beautiful thing is, they never learn and continue to spend their hard earned money across the border.

Serbs don’t fare much better either. A recent “red light offence“, resulted in a 700 euro fine for a Serb tourist, reports On top of the fine which the Serb tourist paid (he had no other option), Greek police confiscated his license plates and his driving license that were never returned. Calls to the Serbian consulate fell on deaf ears, as it was nothing they could do, reports the Serbian daily.

The Serb tourist was told he would be given his license back in 6 months and was sent across the border.

A Macedonian tourist went through similar incident just past week. Stopped near Kukus (Kilkis) for not wearing a seat belt, the policeman flipped out when the tourist told him he was from Macedonia. Police confiscated his license plates and his driving license and held them at a police station for five hours, before deciding to give him his driving license back, but not the license plates. During the whole ‘process’, the Macedonian tourist had his five year old son with him.

This apparently happens daily, as the Macedonian tourist pointed out, non-Greek vehicles are targeted and police simply extorts money where tickets often cost more than the actual vacation.
I suppose we are fools for visiting Macedonian villages on our vacations, but our cars seem ok and we get to keep our driving licenses.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Time for the touriists who are still stupid enough to go there to take some assistance like a baseball bat!

  • jj

    I notice that the Greeks didn’t fine the Macedonian like they did the Serb guy.
    I’ve also read that Greeks don’t allow Serbs to bring food and drinks into Greece – they confiscate this – apparently the Greeks want tourists to spend money for all food and drinks in Greece.

    I think Serbs should try Crimea – no Americans, Croats, and other detestable Serb-haters.

  • V.M.

    My brother goes to Greece all the time, I keep scolding him for it, but… he’s got a point, it’s twice cheaper than Ohrid… believe it or not.
    But he says, if you have a Macedonian license plate, your car is targeted right away, except the vlachs are well aware huge percent of their tourists in Solun, Platemona… are Macedonians, and they want them back.. so they avoid the fines in general.