Macedonians boycott treasonous junta, nobody shows up for Ilinden


Ilinden is Macedonia’s national holiday, however, you wouldn’t know it as today, on August 2nd, Krushevo and Pelince are both empty.

Macedonians typically descend on these two holy places to all of us in the hundreds of thousands, however, not when a treasonous junta is in charge of the country.

In a situation where a terrorist Talat Xhaferi and tatar Boyko Borisov are the main speakers, this outcome is very much expected.

Xhaferi himself arrived with what we counted 27 bodyguards who were split up in layers. His bodyguards outnumbered the number of people who listened to him speak.

Skopje media appears to have fun, Telegraf and Zurnal claim Chernobil has more visitors today than Krushevo and Pelince put together.

The junta celebrated a Macedonian holiday without Macedonians, with foreigners and criminals as their guests. But it was nice to see some of Xhaferi’s relatives decided to support him.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    HA HA

  • Peter T

    Perhaps there is some hope left

  • Goran Stavreski

    Only hope is a Constitutional Assembly, the way Venezuela did it.