Macedonians celebrate, deliver collective ‘Fuck You’ to Global fascists as Referendum fails


How many countries can say that American and British psychopaths installed a Government junta whose main job is to change the identity, culture, history and future of a country just for geopolitical giggles? And change the country’s name as the icing on the cake?

Well, it didn’t quite work, and here is the proof.


Posted by Ивица Китановски on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Во живо: Прослава поради немањето цензус на референдумот на движењето Бојкотирам пред Собраноето

Posted by Radio Slobodna Evropa na Makedonski on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Despite documented fraud by the Government junta to increase the dismal turnout, huge percentage of Macedonians boycotted and ignored the Referendum.  Now many are outside in the streets celebrating, honking their cars across Macedonia. Deservedly so.

It’s not easy to defeat a Nazi lady (Frau Merkel), a psychotic lady (Theresa May), America’s Deep State idiots (too many to list)… and all of it by making ajvar!

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Defeated in 1945, defeated in 2018

The referendum (like all illegal activities in Macedonia) was financed by US Taxpayers, commonly known as CIAUSAid.

What Macedonia’s favorite gmo product has to say about all this?

But this was back in August and yes it was Zaev stating he would quit if the Referendum failed. He has no intention to quit, unless his sponsors tell him otherwise.

Despite this massive win for Macedonians wordlwide, this isn’t over by a long shot. It’s never over when you deal with fascists.

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  • Maco

    Congratulations Macedonians. Unfortunately the fight isn’t over. The junta government and the traitors will now bribe as many money hungry politicians to vote the name change in Parliament. Macedonia will only be saved when the Junta government is overthrown and the traitors are jailed or buried. Long live Republica Makedonija. 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰

  • Billy

    There is no question this is not over! Like MINA pointed out, we’re dealing with f-ing fascists and like any good fascists they don’t give up. The British pedos and the American psychos are around and will pounce again.

  • ste kar

    Time for a non confidence vote and Gruevski return expel all American spioni

    Ziva Makedonija

    Gospod Zdravje

    • V.M.

      Gruevski is finished, and to a large extent DPNE.
      They were not behind the people and are responsible for all the problems leading up to this.

      • ste kar

        So who do we back, who is ou next leader

        • V.M.

          People appear to be rallying behind law professor Apasiev, no nonsense kind of guy…he is a guy that would jail Constitutional judges… he follows the law to the t. I can see a coalition of Apasiev and the lesser traitors in vmro. VMRO does not have the capacity and more importantly the courage to lead a country. People found this out the hard way.

          • Maco

            Apsiev is a great smart man. Others are Todor Petrov and Filip Petrovski. No way would they sell their country or people. It is these people that the Macedonian people need to rally behind. All of them are great Macedonian warriors.

          • LXV

            Apasiev is a bolshevik, so is his BND-controlled so-called party Levica (a copy of the German “Die Linke”). Don’t forget Levica’s activists took an active part in the Colored Devolution a few years back (their Presidium member Zdravko Savevski is still trialed for torching Pres. Ivanov’s public office). Todor Petrov doesn’t belong to a political party and Petrovski is still a part of DP*NE, albeit of an inner right-wing fraction.

            Time for some new, fresh and uncorrupted faces who see other alternatives than the worn out “EU and ZATO membership is Macedonia’s only choice”!

          • Jim Dimovski

            Your observation is 100%corect.VMRO must reform and must become a party for the majority of Macedonian people. We are becoming minorities in our own country. People are realising the present government is not a trustworthy and not a Macedonian government. A demand of Albanians for more changes for their benefits must be ignored. Equal opportunities for all only governance of majority, not another way.