Macedonians certain Government junta did not put Janeva in jail


The leading lady in the “Racket” case Katica Janeva is allegedly in prison. She, together with Boki 13 hilariously commented they will rat out Zaev if they are put in jail, apparently not realizing that with their comments they’ve already cemented Zaev’s involvement in the case.

However, leading Macedonian journalists and analysts are extremely skeptical that Janeva is actually in prison, despite her ’30 day’ Court sentence while the case is being investigated.

Додека не видам слика од Катца како шета во дворот на Шутка или уште подобро седната или легната во келија, јас не верувам дека таа е во притвор

Posted by Aleksandar Pandov on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Massive police force went to arrest Janeva, she was led out without handcuffs which goes against all standard police procedures. If for ex police chief Mitko Cavkov’s stay in jail countless photos were surfacing on daily basis, for Mijalkov (confirmed as staying at his Mariott Hotel) and Janeva, not a single photo emerged of them entering the prison.

Milenko Nedelkovski is offering a feast at a local BBQ place and a mountain puppy for anyone that would provide a photo that Katica Janeva is in jail. Boban Nonkovski offers cash for the same.

Thus far, no one has put forward any evidence Janeva is in jail.