Macedonians in London curse traitor Zaev, police intervened to prevent fight


On February 26th, a day before the big protest rally in Skopje, Zoran Crpko Zaev went to London to attend the Western Balkans Summit. Few hundred Macedonian patriots in London gathered before the entrance where the forum was held and blocked the entry of the illegal Prime Minister of Macedonia with chants “Death to the Traitors”, “Macedonia Has a Name” , “Zaev = Crpko” reports Milenko Nedelkovski in his portal Dudinka.

The situation was very tense, and the contact between Zaev’s security and the protesters was imminent particularly after Zaev (Crpko’s) security attempted to attack the closest protesters to them. This prompted dozens of Macedonian patriots to move toward Zaev’s security detail. At that point the police had to react to separate the groups – reports Dudinka.

Despite having a MTV TV crew and journalists on the scene who filmed the entire incident, no footage or any sort of report has been released, typical for a nation of cowards – reports Dudinka.
MTV dismissed the incident as being “orchestrated by VMRO party soldiers”. Apparently all Macedonians worldwide have somehow been recruited as “party soldiers”. The SDSM led MTV has clearly entered the nonsense zone.

One thing is certain, Crpko’s visit to western capitals are becoming more and more unsafe.

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