Macedonians in Malta quit meeting with traitor Zaev – pointless talking to him


From the official PR of the Macedonian community in Malta after meeting with Zaev:


At the request of Zoran Zaev who is on a two-day working visit to Malta, the Macedonian community in Malta, today, May 9th 2018 held a brief meeting with a government delegation led by the self appointed prime minister. At the meeting, the Macedonian community in Malta, which successfully works for 2,5 years and has over 5000 members, expressed its dissatisfaction that the meeting was not held in its new premises in order to show its work and influence in the community.

At the meeting officials of the Macedonian community in Malta, used the opportunity to request an answer in regards to a protest letter they sent to the minister of Diaspora Edmond Ademi in March of this year. The Prime Minister confirmed that he received the letter and added that “protest and different thinking are the democratic right of every man and that is why there is a debate”.

During the meeting, we, representatives of the Macedonian community in Malta have confirmed our views that we firmly stand against changing the constitutional name of the republic of Macedonia, the constitution in any way, and strongly oppose the law of languages, and will continue to tirelessly work towards promoting the Macedonian cause and protection of Macedonian identity.

Due to the fact we had no common view on any topic of our conversation, we, the Macedonian community’s officials in Malta decided that it is pointless to continue the conversation when it is more than obvious that both sides represent two completely different views and prematurely ended the meeting. #WeAreMacedonia #OneName #MACEDONIAONLY!

With respect Macedonian community in Malta

  • Goran Stavreski

    I’d be embarrassed to meet with Zaev, not sure why Macedonians abroad are meeting with this lunatic… the only reason would be to promote themselves.