Macedonians on the day of Forgiveness – is anyone forgiving?


Macedonian Orthodox faithful mark the Day of forgiveness – or Procka – when the younger ask their elder for forgiveness for all wrongs they’ve done during the year. In response, it is customary that the older ones accept the request and ask for forgiveness in return.

Procka marks the beginning of the spring holidays, and is celebrated with rich feasts and bobbing for apples.

This year, Procka finds the Macedonian society deeply politically divided, over the constant persecution and arrests, and over the illegally and foreign imposed name change. A holiday Twitter message from psychopath Zoran Zaev was quickly followed by dismissive comments.

  • Macedonian Forever

    Let’s not forget whom we are dealing with here Zajko is a LIAR!!!!
    So when he asks for forgiveness none will be given. And as far as the eye can see Mickovski is no better for the moment. Let’s see if he can redeem himself and Macedonia, by nullifying all of the illegal acts and agreements against the constitution and the law. The irony is that EU should then say yup we are a state which upholds legal reforms by not breaking them in the first place and join the EU under our only and rightful name MACEDONIA,