Macedonians sidelined in DUI-SDSM “History” books


Here is an excerpt for a history book in the 4th grade. Macedonians are a sidenote in WW2, pay attention to the ridiculousness, the outright lies in the text. Of course ASNOM’s president Metodija Andonov Chento is mentioned in passing, while empashis is put that the Macedonian army which was 99% ethnic Macedonian, suddenly became 20% Macedonian and was made up of Albanians, Serbs, Vlachs, Turks, Jews. Who can forget national heroes such as Kemal Sejfula, Nafi Sulejmani, Bajram Shabani, Kemal Agoli, what the hell? The author of the book, who appears to have been recruited at Bit Bazaar, list random names, some unknown and irrelevant, some relevant and goes on to sum them up by explaining “they all had different lives, some were in ASNOM, some died, some didn’t

Last, but not least, the text mentions an “enemy”, a “foreign occupational force”, but no mentioning who that is. This is what now passes for a history book in Macedonia…

Not surprisingly, since January 2023, over 400 children across Macedonia didn’t show up for their second semester because their families have decided to leave Macedonia.