Macedonia’s 500 Denars now has a value of 100 Denars


The average salary increased but in an artificial way. And the increase in an artificial way encouraged one degree of higher inflation, and this is noted in the World Bank Report, says MP Anastasija Ilieska in a phone call with Kanal 77 Stadium show.

Ilieska added that Macedonia is facing double-digit inflation, pointing out that the government is vainly bragging about raising the minimum wage because all products are priced much higher, so the 500-denar banknote now has the same value as the 100-denar banknote.

These two months we have double-digit inflation of 18 percent, and salaries remain the same. And now, if last year you took 30,000 denars, this year the value of those 30,000 denars is 25,000 denars. This means that the value is lower than 100 euros, and as Bytyqi said, we all go to the store and we all know that a 500-denar note has the same value as a 100-denar note. Every single product has a higher price, some have surpassed 50% increases she says.