Macedonia’s Air Traffic control jobs given to relatives of directors


Three new adverts for public sector jobs in the well paid Air Traffic Control Agency (ACV) have been reported as rigged.

Skopje media was informed that, while nominally open to the public, it is clear that the job openings are meant for close relatives of people who ran or currently run the agency.

One of them is Emilija Krstevska, the daughter of former ACV director Zoran Krstevski. She already works part time at the agency, and an opening in the department for standards and regulatory matters is reportedly tailor made for her. She will be earning 48.000 denars per month, nearly twice the average salary.

A slightly smaller salary is reportedly spoken for Blerind Hamidi, the daughter of Farudin Farko Hamidi, who was until recently a member of the ACV Board.

Like Emilija, Blerinda also has a part time contract. Farko had his other daughter hired under a lucrative salary at energy company ELEM.

The third and best paid opening, for nearly 2.000 EUR (five times the average salary) is meant for Aleksandar Mojsovski, the next head of the air traffic department. Mojsovski already does the job under a part time contract, and is also a member of the ACV Board.

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