Macedonia’s Census a Fiasco: One can register their pets, non-existing people…


Macedonia’s census operation, already marked as disturbingly fraudulent by all sides involved, appears to get worse with each passing day.

Residents are reporting that most census takers don’t even bother to come to your home and obtain information of who lives in it, instead are getting their info from MoI. In addition, other census takers would write just about any information you give them, without providing documentation for the same.

For instance, a person who lives alone, can tell them 10 people live in the house, and the census taker would quite literally register the 10 people in his app, even though 9 of them were made up on the spot. No IDs are required! This is taking idiocy into unchartered territory.

People are taking to social media to discuss just how fraudulent and idiotic the census operation really is: