Macedonia’s Corona Ministry: Patient who sort of had CoronaVirus, is all good


A “test” conducted on the so far only coronavirus patient in Macedonia is negative. It’s unclear whether the first diagnosis was a false positive, if her organism has defeated the virus, or whether the people who conducted the test are clueless. However, as of today, she is considered not to be a threat to the public.

The tests on two foreign citizens who are staying in a hotel in downtown Skopje are also negative, said Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce.

He said that the Government will meet today to discuss his proposal to ban all public gatherings. This could have a major impact on the campaign for the April 12 elections.

In the US, all tests for the coronavirus are sent to the CDC in Atlanta where the final result is given. In Macedonia, the chances of no tests being conducted are extremely high. And it isn’t because two dozen tests are all somehow “negative”. Remember, the guy behind the testing (Venko Filipce) fake-gave his niece an expired vaccine on TV to prove the safety of the expired vaccines!

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