Macedonia’s coronavirus tally at 329


Two men died over the past 24 hours as result of the coronavirus epidemic, and 44 new patients were diagnosed.

One of those who died is a relatively young, 45 year old man from Kumanovo. The Healthcare Ministry informed that the patient suffered from diabetes, arrhythmia, high blood pressure and obesity.

The other patient who died is a 78 year old man from Debar who was admitted with chronic bronchitis and was also on blood pressure medicine.

By cities, Kumanovo had 23 new cases, Skopje had 11, and Tetovo, Bitola, Struga and Prilep had cases in the single digits.

There are overall 329 diagnosed Covid-19 patients in Macedonia right now. Skopje has 175 cases, Debar and Kumanovo 47 each, Stip has 14 and Tetovo and Prilep have 10 each. Other cities such as Struga, Veles, Bitola, Ohrid and others are in the single digits. The number of patients tested over the past 24 hours was a little under 400.