Macedonia’s criminal junta at work: Department for Stats to purchase ‘laptops’ for €3.2m euros


The Ministry of State Stats has announced it will spend 3.2m euros on purchasing new laptops.

Per the information from their official website here, the Ministry employs a total of 288 individuals, out of which 93 work across Macedonia while 195 work in the Macedonian capital.

Their astonishingly absurd announcement of a contract to purchase 3.2m euros (199,498,110 denars) worth of laptops has everyone scratching their heads considering the rather small size of the organization.

A rather decent laptop cost 400 euros at Setec or Anhoch, not to mention the fact that such a large purchase would result in a substantive discount on the price, it would mean the Ministry of State Stats is purchasing a staggering 8,000 laptops!


Since this is practically insane, or in the case of North, it is normal, the State Stats office is buying 8,000 laptops for roughly 150 employees (not all 288 employees require laptops).

But, see how the criminal northern junta has carefully written out their contract as not the number of laptops which would be sensical and legal, but simply “laptops”.

It could be 1 laptop for 3.2m euros, and in the north, this is the new normal.