Macedonia’s criminal junta will place sign at Alexander the Great monument claiming it as ‘Greek’


The Alexander the Great monument in the center of Skopje, will soon be officially named and marked as a statue of Alexander, but the sign will also include an inscription that Alexander “belongs to the Hellenic history”.

This was revealed today by Zoran Zaev’s spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski. The Prespa treaty Zaev signed with Alexis Tsipras provides that monuments and public infrastructure names will have to be “reviewed” and “insofar as they refer in any way to ancient Hellenic history and civilization constituting an integral component of the historic or cultural patrimony of the First Party, shall take appropriate corrective action to effectively address the issue and ensure respect for the said patrimony”.

Bosnjakovski said that a new commission will be formed to inspect the monuments and determine which belong to Greece, under the treaty. We’ll report on any other monuments that will get ‘updated’ across the protectorate.