Macedonia’s dumb and dumber remove Anti-Corruption body while promising fight against corruption


Macedonia’s dumb (Dragan Tevdovski) and dumber (Zoran Zaev) duo vowed a relentless fight against corruption as their own appointed prosecutor has launched a corruption probe against two of their Government officials (Angjushev and Rashkovski) for corruption.

Zaev himself is in Court over bribery after requesting 200,000 euros on camera from a Strumica businessman.

But the corruption probes for the dumb and dumber duo is just a minor hiccup since on Friday evening, the Government announced it will remove the Anti-Corruption office whose sole existence was to prevent corruption particularly during awarding Government contracts.

The dumb and dumber duo announced they don’t need an anti-corruption body to interfere with their work. And no, this isn’t a joke, this is what Macedonia’s Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski stated at a press conference. Keep in mind, as a Finance Minister, Tevdovski during an interview with Telma TV while discussing the pension system was incapable of distinguishing between gross and net pay, which is something you’d want from a Finance Minister.

The dumb and dumber duo promised the removal of the anti-corruption body will move the country in the right direction. //Marija Nikolovska

  • V.M.

    That’s freaking hilarious, thank you. Zaev fighting corruption is like inmates saying “prisons will be well managed”.