Macedonia’s economy collapses, despite being led by geniuses Zaev and Tevdovski


Who would have believed that the economic duo of Zaev and Tevdovski who couldn’t distinguish between net vs gross will collapse the Macedonian economy in less than a year? Probably everyone.

After being a leader in GDP growth for the past 5 years in Europe, averaging 4% growth from year to year, the incompetent criminal junta led by Zaev menaged to bring down the economy to “growth” of 0.1 just months into their governance. Stagnation across all industries were noted: manufacturing, transport, health… The irony is, the 0.1% growth was reported by Zaev’s Government itself, the true numbers are likely much, much worse.

Yes, even Greece which is perpetually bankrupt recorded 2.3% gdp growth. Granted though, they are likely cooking their data as usual.

Foreign companies are staying away from Macedonia, while the ones brought by the DPNE are considering either leaving or reducing their numbers due to Zaev’s threats to cut back on the benefits they received by the previous Government.

One thing must be said, and this is off topic, about the economy degrees given like pumpkin seeds. An investigation needs to be done into Ss Cyril and Methodius University (Economic department) for their over the top corruption in the way they dish out diplomas to people like Zaev, Tevdovski and plethora of others who are clearly intellectually disabled. What makes this simply astonishing is that a high school friend of mine who I’ve known for years (can’t name names here), but will say he served a jail sentence and is now once again back as SDS director… this man was kicked out of my high school after failing his sophomore year with 12 failing grades (a record at the time). After he was kicked out of school he was doing the dirty work for the SDS, he was a thug (robberies, set cars on fire, agitating during elections…). Despite never completing high school (had three years left), he was given a very high ranking position in the SDS government, his bio stating he received a bachelor degree in Economy from SS Cyril and Methodius! What!? I am hopeful his credentials were fraudulent, because if they aren’t, that’s even more scary. This man was literally unable to read. Considering the likes of Zaev and Tevdovski who hold the same degrees from the same University, would not be surprised that the dean there is likely an SDS official who is handing out diplomas like cupcakes to high ranking SDS officials in need of ‘education’ to be put in high positions in Government.

  • Legenda Patriot

    It is really beyond belief. The arrogance, corruption and abuse of power is just horrendous. Clean up time!!!!

  • R_U_Jhoking

    The people have the government they deserve. So stupid so easily fooled into voting for the junta. Sheep now obey your masters while they sell your country and destroy the economy .

    • Goran Stavreski

      They didn’t vote for the SDS. The elections were 100% fixed, both local and Parliamentary. The SEC stole over 100,000 votes from VMRO, simply gave them to SDS. This was even more evident during the ‘live reporting’.
      Did you honestly believe retards from SDS who were the most hated people in their cities won for local mayors… like the guy in Shtip, Veles, Prilep, Bitola, Skopje?

      Nobody voted for Shilegov and he is the mayor.

      • R_U_Jhoking

        I would love to see proof of that. No doubt they are corrupt incompetent puppets but if they can manipulate elections then how to get rid of them?