Macedonia’s game of thrones, 17 newlyborns have died in hospitals


Over the past 10 years it was a real rarity for a death of an infant in a Macedonian hospital. However with the arrival of the Zaev junta, in the past four months alone seventeen infants have died at the ‘care’ of new hospital management.

The latest death resulted at Skopje’s gynecology despite attempts by the director at the hospital to keep the information hidden from the media, reports 24Vesti.

Back in August 7 infants died at the Chair gynecology clinic in only 10 days due to inability and confusion of hospital staff to follow basic protocols for placing newlyborns in incubators.

With the arrival of new management and new health minister, many of the seasoned executive management were replaced by incompetent individuals. Case in point is the Skopje gynecology clinic where 12 newlyborns have died. The director there is Viktorija Jovanovska, a close friend of Zoran Zaev’s wife.

It appears that one has to have great deal of courage to give birth at a Skopje state clinic.