Macedonia’s Government junta creates chaos by announcing last minute changes to curfew


Macedonia’s Government junta has de-facto perfected the continual spread of the coronavirus across Macedonia.

Over the past ten days, there have been repeated changes announced by the Filipce’s run Health Ministry whereby cities like Kumanovo were told on Friday at 2pm that after 4pm, no one will be allowed to leave their homes until 5am on Monday morning.

This absurd and unwarranted change caused the entire population in Kumanovo to panic and for the remaining 2 hours until the start of the curfew literally everyone was out in front of stores and banks resulting in the following:

Similar tactics now have been used for the Macedonian capital. Measures are announced with a day’s notice creating widespread panic which yet again results in the citizenry gathering in large crowds which is contrary to the effect of a police curfew.

This is done only when someone tries to spread a virus, not contain it.