Macedonia’s handball like the country – leaderless, suffers complete collapse


The Macedonian national team suffered an epic collapse in a vital match against the Czech Republic, which would have paved the way for Macedonia to reach the EHF Semifinals.

Somehow, the national handball team managed to replicate our current political situation at home on the handball court. Macedonia took the lead from the first second against the Czechs and maintained up until the end of the match, when with 6 minutes to go suffered a collapse. Previously, Macedonia maintained anywhere between 3 to 6 goals lead. But when it mattered most with just minutes to go, the coach appeared confused, the team had no leader to motivate the rest of the group.

In the end, it was inevitable for Macedonia to lose what appeared to be an already won match.
Earlier in the day, Slovenia did a massive favor to Macedonia by beating Spain, which meant a win for Macedonia would have put our team in a position to fight for medals.

The Russian refs were more than friendly to Macedonia and allowed our team to get away with quite a few things. Even awarded a penalty to Macedonia to tie the match in the dying seconds of the match. Manaskov missed the pk for a final result 24-25.