Macedonia’s head of Islamic faith removed after marrying 50 years younger woman


The controversial head of the Islamic Community of Macedonia (IVZ) Reis Sulejman efendi Rexhepi was removed from office today with a two – thirds vote in the Riaset – the highest body of the IVZ.
The Riaset appointed the mufti of Gostivar Sakir Fetai as the acting head of the IVZ.

The muftis of Skopje, Tetovo, Struga and Kumanovo signed on to the decision, as did most of the other muftis, local media reported.

Rexhepi was a well known nutjob, known for spreading ethnic and religious hatred, posing with machine guns and a map of Greater Albania, a prolonged fight for control over the Islamic community and most recently, his blackmail of the Government when he threatened to keep the mosques open and “turn Macedonia into Bangladesh” in terms of spreading the coronavirus unless he is paid money from the state budget (got paid 200k EUR).

His removal finally came today, but not because of the crazy things above, but because he married a woman 50 years younger than him, and made the whole thing public… this is what got him removed from office.

Muftis mindful of the coronavirus, come together to report the news