Macedonia’s illegal Language Law on Standby


The law on languages ​​is on a stand by. 35,000 amendments have been translated for some time but nobody mentions whether and when they would be on the agenda for a parliamentary session. Today’s regular coordination of Xhaferi with parliamentary groups does not bring much hope that the thousands of amendments will be considered any time soon.

A session is scheduled for tomorrow, but only the laws on shortened procedure will be on the agenda. Xhaferi barely provides the necessary quorum for work, throughout this period, some MPs leave on business trips, vacations etc. For now, it is only clear that a session on parliamentary issues should be held on the 22nd, and the opposition will not be present again.

A representative from DPNE did not even coordinate with Xhaferi today. Whether the speaker will wait for the political solution for the law on languages ​​that the DPNE has requested for the submitted amendments remains unclear. After the last session of the opposition DPNE, they clearly stated that they did not think in any way to withdraw the amendments that disputed the constitutionality of the Law, despite calls from Xhaferi to change their minds.

It is uncertain what will happen to this parliamentary composition after the reorganization of the government coalition and how the forces will be regrouped, in addition to BESA. There is a split in the party confirmed at yesterday’s Congress where the Skopje wing in Tetovo, elected Afrim Gashi as the new president.

After the turmoil in BESA, the current leader Bilal Kasami denied that there was any split, but only disagreement with the attitudes with individuals, but also that all five MPs remain to act together.

  • Its Just Me

    well until all the 35.000 amendments are translated.. this will be forgotten…

    • Legenda Patriot

      One can only hope that their overall arrogance and stupidity will tie them in knots and eventually strangle themselves.

      • Its Just Me

        That could work, being as stupidity is endless (and multiplies itself via sxx).. :))
        “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former” Einstein