Macedonia’s Junta jacks up utilities days after elections


The latest electricity price hike, that was apparently timed right after the elections, makes the prices in Macedonia second highest in Europe – when compared to the average salaries.

The ruling SDSM party, which campaigned heavily focusing on its welfare transfers which include subsidized electricity prices, sent out opinion makers to try to cushion the blow of the price hike. Their main claim is that the prices in Macedonia are lowest in Europe.

But when you compare lets say with residents in Viennna who pay roughly 80 euros per month for electricity on average, yet their average net salary is 1700 euros, by comparison Macedonians pay 60 euros per month for electricity yet their average net salary is 300 euros.

Residents in Vienna pay 4.71% of their income for their electric bill, while Macedonians pay 20% of their income for the same.