Macedonia’s Minister of Zero Investments, gets honorary Minister of Ping Pong


Macedonia’s unknown Minister of Foreign Investments, (and yes, no one knows her name), in three years has brought zero foreign companies into the country, or as she calls them “no names can be given at this time” so as not to disturb their privacy.

Indeed, for three years, there are secretive negotiations with secretive companies to secretly invest in Macedonia, claims the secretive Minister of Foreign Investments.

But, there is no place for concern, says the bobblehead Minister. Even with a technical Government, she has been tireless in her work to bring dozens of nameless companies to Macedonia, unfortunately, another mandate would be needed for this secretive negotiations to continue.

Is she okay?

Meanwhile, Minister Apostolska (that’s her name apparently), has caught the attention of all of social media with her Ping-Pong style interviews where she quickly and frequently moves her head left and right. But to be fair to the Minister of Ping Pong, the SDSM Government did bring one foreign investment into Macedonia, the CoronaVirus.

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