Macedonia’s moronic Govt reps and president booed at Delcev’s grave


The 148th anniversary from the birth of revolutionary Goce Delchev, who understood the world as a field for cultural competition among nations, will be observed on Tuesday.

On that occasion, several delegations will laid flowers at the grave of Goce Delcev in Skopje-based church St.Spas.

Goce Delcev was born 1872 in Kukus, Aegean Macedonia. As TMRO member, Goce was named apostle of the revolution, but also considered a great humanist, teacher and freedom fighter who had organised the Macedonian people for the national liberation struggle. Delcev was killed on 4 May 1903 while fighting against the Ottoman army in village Banica, Aegean Macedonia.

Government officials’ attempt to visit the grave did not go according to their plan as they were met with embarrassing remarks from citizens… How do this idiots, this brainless shells of humans, who are in the process of selling him to Bulgaria have the decency to appear at Delcev’s grave is beyond anyone at this point.

Исвиркани делегациите на Владата и претседателот на Македонија на гробот на Гоце Делчев

Posted by on Tuesday, February 4, 2020